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Part NumberManufacturerConditionQuantityDescriptionPrice
98MEP00013-015 LPS-FRM800ADCUsed1Loopstar 800, 3x PQT3, 1x PLT1, 2x X012D LPS-FRM800Get a Quote
98MEP00013-027 LPS-FRM800ADCUsed1Loopstar 800, 2x PQT3, 2x XO12D LPS-FRM800Get a Quote
1179740L4QAdtranNOB2TA1148 2.5 gen Expansion, 48 ADSL Ports, DCGet a Quote
1179740L6QAdtranNOB3TA1148 Expansion, 48 ADSL PortsGet a Quote
1179940F1CAdtranNOB1TA1148V 4th Gen 48 port VDSL2 Client DslamGet a Quote
1186001L2AdtranUsed2MX2828 Empty ChassisGet a Quote
1186003L1AdtranUsed2SCU CardGet a Quote
1187040F1AdtranF/S8TA5000 SM40 4-10G NO RG BVC1AC6ETAGet a Quote
11971330F1AdtranUsed2SDX6320-16 16-Port XGS-PON Combo OLTGet a Quote
OS-V8-F/AC/USAdvaF/S5Adva FSP150-XG304 w/ 1x LIC-V8-10GGet a Quote
81642AAgilentUsed1Agilent 81642 Tunable Laser Source Opt 072 1600nmGet a Quote
8504BAgilentUsed2Agilent Precision Reflectometer, Complete with Lightwave UnitGet a Quote
AK500SAktinoNOB2FlexiStream AK500S ChassisGet a Quote
AK512LCAktinoUsed7AK512LC Line Card AK500SGet a Quote
AK525LCAktinoUsed3Aktino CO Ethernet Line CardGet a Quote
AK525LCPAktinoUsed5AK525LCP Line Card AK500SGet a Quote
AK590CCAktinoUsed3Aktino Common Control Line CardGet a Quote
AK622RUAktinoUsed1Aktino AK622RUGet a Quote
ACI-3011-E04-100ApconUsed1APCON IntellaFlex BladeGet a Quote
ACI-3030-E20-1ApconUsed1APCON IntellaFlex BladeGet a Quote
ACI-3030-E36-6ApconUsed1APCON IntellaFlex BladeGet a Quote
ACI-3032-E36-1ApconUsed1APCON IntellaFlex BladeGet a Quote
ACI-3144-XR-ACApconUsed1APCON 3144XR Chassis, 2x AC Power, 2x Shelf Controllers, Fan TrayGet a Quote
MPC QAM / ASPC1210 / ASCM1409ArrisUsed1Arris / Bigband MSP QAM CardGet a Quote
UCAM-24096WArrisUsed1Arris E6000 UCAM CardGet a Quote
100-00007CalixUsed14C7 Shelf, 20 SlotsGet a Quote
100-00009CalixUsed40Calix C7 Fan TrayGet a Quote
100-00016CalixUsed10AMPGet a Quote
100-00018CalixUsed6C7 OC-3 4-IRGet a Quote
100-00019CalixUsed4OC12-4 IRGet a Quote
100-00021CalixUsed500Calix C7 RPOTS-24 Line CardGet a Quote
100-00025CalixUsed2DS3-12PGet a Quote
100-00054CalixUsed4FE-12S Line CardGet a Quote
100-00071CalixUsed2Coax Interface Adapter SMB-12-BGet a Quote
100-00143CalixUsed6T1-6 Line CardGet a Quote
100-00163CalixUsed2REBS 12 SOI5FHCCAAGet a Quote
100-001787CalixUsed2DS1-12 PWEGet a Quote
100-00180CalixUsed10RAP C7, PortlessGet a Quote
100-00181CalixUsed16Calix C7 T1-6 A+T Line CardGet a Quote
100-00204CalixUsed1C7 RAP-OC48LRGet a Quote
100-00215CalixUsed1C7 RJ45-12 / MI-FE-4/12Get a Quote
100-00261CalixUsed6DS1A-12Get a Quote
100-00311CalixUsed24DS1/T1 Cross Connect ModuleGet a Quote
100-00330CalixUsed8RAP-OC3/12 C7 RAP CardGet a Quote
100-00343CalixUsed10ATPGet a Quote
100-00413CalixUsed10C7 DS3-4PGet a Quote
100-00428CalixUsed6Interface Adapter SMB-4Get a Quote
100-00458CalixUsed6DS3E-4p C7 Line CardGet a Quote
100-00486CalixUsed12C7 VIPR Line CardGet a Quote
100-00515CalixUsed3C7 RAP2Get a Quote
100-00529CalixUsed1GE-2pGet a Quote
100-00574CalixUsed53COMBO2-24Get a Quote
100-00626CalixUsed4IA-RJ45-4Get a Quote
100-00926CalixUsed2GE-2P FE-4P Line CardGet a Quote
100-00940CalixUsed3724 ONTGet a Quote
100-00941CalixUsed1740 ONTGet a Quote
100-01156CalixUsed1722G ONTGet a Quote
100-01157CalixUsed2724G ONTGet a Quote
100-01158CalixUsed2740G ONTGet a Quote
100-01255CalixUsed7COMBO2-24VGet a Quote
100-01331CalixUsed1HU2W-24 C7 Line CardGet a Quote
100-01449CalixUsed3E7-2 Shelf (Empty)Get a Quote
100-01479CalixUsed100720GX ONTGet a Quote
100-01485CalixUsed3760GX ONTGet a Quote
100-01486CalixUsed2762GX ONTGet a Quote
100-01508CalixUsed110GE XFP, Single Mode dual fiber transceiver, 10Km, 1310nm, LC, I-TempGet a Quote
100-01550CalixUsed1763GX ONTGet a Quote
100-01551CalixUsed1766GX ONT ModuleGet a Quote
100-01630CalixUsed20COMBO2-24AGet a Quote
100-01714CalixUsed2716GE ONTGet a Quote
100-01716CalixUsed5721GE ONTGet a Quote
100-01771CalixUsed3Calix E7 10GE-4 CardGet a Quote
100-01772CalixUsed1Calix E7-GE-12 CardGet a Quote
100-01451CalixUsed1E7-2 FTAGet a Quote
100-01782CalixUsed2GPON SFP OIM, Class B+, 1490/1310nm Single Fiber Transceiver, C-Temp (CO), E-SeriesGet a Quote
100-01783CalixUsed1GPON SFP OIM, Class B+, 1490/1310nm Single Fiber Transceiver, I-Temp (RT), E-SeriesGet a Quote
100-01788CalixUsed1C7 T1-8 Line Card, T1, 8 Ports, PseudowireGet a Quote
100-01827CalixUsed10EGW C7 Line CardGet a Quote
100-01908CalixUsed8Calix E7-2 VDSL2-48CGet a Quote
100-01911CalixUsed2Calix E7-2 VDSL2-48 Line CardGet a Quote
100-01912CalixUsed1E3-12C, DC PowerGet a Quote
100-01930CalixUsed3RAP3 C7 CardGet a Quote
100-01931CalixUsed2GE-2EGet a Quote
100-01949CalixUsed10GE-24 Line CardGet a Quote
100-02014CalixUsed1E3-48 AC Power (no top cover)Get a Quote
100-02040CalixUsed55716GE-I ONT Indoor (w/o power adapter)Get a Quote
100-02089CalixUsed2E7-20 Shelf, w/o Fan TrayGet a Quote
100-02090CalixNOB2Calix E7-20 FTAGet a Quote
100-02092CalixUsed1SCP-10GE Switch Control Processor for E7-20Get a Quote
100-02094CalixUsed2GPON-4X GPON Line Card for E7-20Get a Quote
100-03007CalixUsed1GPON-8X CardGet a Quote
100-03158CalixUsed12836GE RSG Indoor ONT, w/o power adapterGet a Quote
100-03206CalixUsed1B6-318 Line CardGet a Quote
100-03207CalixUsed1B6-256 Line CardGet a Quote
100-03224CalixF/S8E3-48C Hole Plug KitGet a Quote
100-03225CalixF/S8E3-48C AC power cord; 10ft, 18AWG, 10A, OSP, Gland Fitting PG13. GRND cable 10ft (Aerial/Direct Bury)Get a Quote
100-03241CalixUsed1E3-48C Universal Power, (No Cover)Get a Quote
100-03246CalixUsed2711GE ONTGet a Quote
100-03247CalixUsed1712GE ONTGet a Quote
100-03248CalixUsed1716GE ONTGet a Quote
100-03251CalixUsed2722GE ONTGet a Quote
100-03387CalixUsed2VDSL2-48DGet a Quote
100-03417CalixUsed6GPON SFP OIM, Class C+, 60Km, 1490/1310nm Single Fiber Transceiver, C-Temp (CO), E-SeriesGet a Quote
100-03460CalixF/S8Fiber Patch, 6xLC/UPC to Unterminated, 100ft, OSP Rated (Aerial/Direct Bury)Get a Quote
100-03590CalixF/S1E7-2 FTA2 Fan TrayGet a Quote
100-03656CalixUsed2Calix E7-2 GPON4r2 Line CardGet a Quote
100-03711CalixUsed1Calix E5-308 Dual DC, PoE++Get a Quote
100-03712CalixUsed1E5-308 Dual DCGet a Quote
100-03750CalixUsed3E5-48C with FTAGet a Quote
100-03820CalixUsed169716GE-I ONT Indoor (w/o power adapter)Get a Quote
100-03856CalixUsed2SCP2-10GEGet a Quote
100-03880CalixUsed20E7-2 VDSL2-48C r2Get a Quote
100-03903CalixUsed13GPON Interface Adapter, SFP, SC/APC COGet a Quote
100-04011CalixUsed5Calix ONT 844G-1Get a Quote
100-04012CalixUsed8Calix ONT 844G-2Get a Quote
100-04013CalixUsed1Calix ONT 854GGet a Quote
100-04014CalixUsed1Calix ONT 854G-2Get a Quote
100-04015CalixUsed3Calix ONT 844E-1 (ANSI)Get a Quote
100-04016CalixUsed1Calix ONT 844E-2 (ETSI)Get a Quote
100-04017CalixUsed5Calix ONT 844GE-1Get a Quote
100-04018CalixUsed4Calix ONT 844GE-2Get a Quote
100-04054CalixUsed1Calix ONTGet a Quote
100-04060CalixUsed4E5-306 ESAN DC 12vGet a Quote
100-04194CalixUsed2GPON-16xGet a Quote
100-04207CalixUsed3725GE ONTGet a Quote
100-04242CalixUsed2E5-16F G.Fast MDUGet a Quote
100-04253CalixUsed15801G ONTGet a Quote
100-04257CalixUsed1Calix ONTGet a Quote
100-04258CalixUsed3Calix ONTGet a Quote
100-04259CalixUsed1Calix ONTGet a Quote
100-04260CalixUsed4Calix ONTGet a Quote
100-04263CalixUsed6Calix ONTGet a Quote
100-04281CalixUsed2VCP-192 Vectoring Control Processor for E7-2Get a Quote
100-04306CalixF/S3E3-48C r2 w/ Copper UplinkGet a Quote
100-04307CalixF/S12E3-48 R2 Fiber UplinkGet a Quote
100-04353CalixUsed4E3-8G Sealed GPON Remote OLT (8x GPON, 2x 10GE)Get a Quote
100-04379CalixUsed1712GE ONTGet a Quote
100-04380CalixUsed1716GE ONTGet a Quote
100-04465CalixUsed2E9-2 CLX3001 Control CardGet a Quote
100-04470CalixUsed3E9-2 Fan ModuleGet a Quote
100-04478CalixF/S5NGPON2 XFP OIM OLT 1596.34nmGet a Quote
100-04478CalixNOB2NGPON2 XFP OIM OLT 1596.34nmGet a Quote
100-04486CalixUsed1Verizon 882G NGPON2 ONTGet a Quote
100-04494CalixUsed1E9-2 NG1601 16-Port NGPON2Get a Quote
100-04532CalixUsed6Calix ONTGet a Quote
100-04582CalixUsed1Calix E3-2 Remote OLT Housing Assembly (no modules / empty)Get a Quote
100-04583CalixUsed1Calix E3-2 GP401 ModuleGet a Quote
100-04584CalixUsed2E3-2 Power Supply, RPS1000AC, ACGet a Quote
100-04586CalixNOB10E3-2 Power Supply, RPS1000CX, CoaxialGet a Quote
100-04598CalixUsed1Calix E3-2 XE401 ModuleGet a Quote
100-04611CalixUsed1Calix ONTGet a Quote
100-04647CalixNOB2GP1000X GigaPoint XGSPON ONTGet a Quote
100-04694CalixUsed1E3-16FI integrated Overlay, 16-PortGet a Quote
100-04713CalixF/S22E9 CDFP to 4 x 100GE QSFP28 Direct Attach Cable, 1mGet a Quote
100-04770CalixF/S2E9-2 Fan Module (new)Get a Quote
100-04791CalixUsed1560 Watt POE+ capable CPA21 Power Adapter -AM Type A with RJ-45 connectorGet a Quote
100-04798CalixUsed1Calix ONTGet a Quote
100-04896CalixUsed1EPON XFP, 10G/10G&1G Single Fiber Transceiver, 20km, I-Temp (RT), OLT, E-SeriesGet a Quote
100-04964CalixUsed2Calix 10GE-12 AXOS Line Card E7-2Get a Quote
100-04974CalixF/S126716GE-I R2 Indoor ONT, 2 POTS, 4 GE, Incl. -AM Type A Power AdapterGet a Quote
100-04974CalixUsed1Calix ONTGet a Quote
100-04989CalixUsed1Calix ONTGet a Quote
100-05017CalixUsed1Calix ONTGet a Quote
100-05076CalixUsed1E9-2 GP1611 16-Port GPON Line CardGet a Quote
100-05123CalixNOB1E9-2 ASM3001 Aggregation Services Manager (4xQSFP-DD, 32xSFP+) BVL3BBDFACGet a Quote
100-05147CalixUsed1Calix ONTGet a Quote
100-05148CalixF/S1GPON SFP OIM, Class B+, 20Km, 1490/1310nm Single Fiber Transceiver, I-Temp, AXOSGet a Quote
100-05163CalixUsed1721GE ONTGet a Quote
100-05288CalixUsed1E3-2 XE401S ModuleGet a Quote
100-05583CalixUsed88XGS-PON SFP+, N2, 20km, I-Temp, OLT, E-SeriesGet a Quote
315-00700CalixF/S2E3-48 Ground 10ft Pigtail CableGet a Quote
716GE-ICalixUsed181716GE-I ONT Indoor (w/o power adapter) (100# / HECI varies)Get a Quote
726GE-ICalixUsed3Indoor 726GE-I ONT (without power adapter)Get a Quote
CMSCalixUsed1Calix CMS Appliance, Dell PowerEdge 2950Get a Quote
NTK531VAE5CienaUsed1L2 MOTR Muxponder Line Card, 6500Get a Quote
NTK539UDCienaUSed1Ciena NTK539UDGet a Quote
IE-3000-8TC-ECiscoUsed35IE-3000-8TC-EGet a Quote
ISR4451-X/K9 (Config 1)CiscoUsed2ISR4451-X/K9 AC, ipbasek9 appxk9 FoundationSuiteK9 securityk9Get a Quote
P2-15TXF-08-EM-NT78-SA-5060CiscoUsed2Scientific Atlanta Prisma 2, 737226 1550nm Forward TransmitterGet a Quote
P2-15TXR-08-DM-SA-ITU35CiscoUsed1Scientific Atlanta Prisma 2, 737411 1550nm Reverse TransmitterGet a Quote
P2-BDR-LSM-1310D-00-SACiscoUsed1Scientific Atlanta 1310nm Optical Transmiter 741275Get a Quote
P2-BDR-RP-4RCiscoUsed1Scientific Atlanta Receive Processor 738963Get a Quote
P2-BDR-RSM-SR-SACiscoUsed1Scientific Atlanta Optical Receiver 741242Get a Quote
P2-BDR-TP1-4RCiscoUsed1Scientific Atlanta Transmit Processor (5-40MHZ) 748905Get a Quote
P2-CH-R-F-28R-AASCiscoUsed1Prisma 2 Chassis, w/ Fan TrayGet a Quote
P2-EDFA-MOD-2x19-SACiscoUsed1Scientific Atlanta Prisma 2 EDFA, 19dBm, 2 Port, 4011537Get a Quote
P2-HD-RXR-HG-SACiscoUsed2Scientific Atlanta P2-HD-RXR-SA Reverse Receiver 4012717Get a Quote
P2-HMCiscoUsed2Scientific Atlanta Prisma 2 Host Module 4008281Get a Quote
P2-ICIM-SNMPCiscoUsed1Scientific Atlanta Intelligent Communications Interface ModuleGet a Quote
P2-PS-M-A-SCiscoUsed1Scientific Atlanta Prisma 2 Power Supply, AC InputGet a Quote
P2-RXRD-SACiscoUsed1Scientific Atlanta Reverse Receiver Prisma 2, 716488Get a Quote
PWR-2KW-DC-V2CiscoUsed2PWR-2KW-DC-V2 Cisco Power SupplyGet a Quote
UBR-CLK-T1CiscoUsed1Cisco Cable Clock Card for UBR7200 CMTSGet a Quote
UBR10012-1088DS-288US-2DCPCiscoUsed1Cisco UBR10K w/ 8x MC3GX60V-64/36, 1x PRE5-40G, 8x SPA-DS-HD w/ 72 DS, Dual DC Plus PSUGet a Quote
CTL-HC0-001GigamonUsed1Gigamon HC2 HC3 Control Card V1Get a Quote
GVS-TAQ01GigamonUsed2Gigamon TA40 SwitchGet a Quote
AHC-RACHarmonicUsed1Electra 9200 RAC ModuleGet a Quote
IOM-ASIHarmonicUsed2Electra 9200 ASI ModuleGet a Quote
AAM-B1InfineraUsed1AAM Booster Type 1 ATN Line Card WOGUANPRAAGet a Quote
AAM-B2InfineraUsed1AAM-B2Get a Quote
AMM-AInfineraUsed2AMM-AGet a Quote
AOLX-500-T4-3-C8InfineraUsed1Infinera AOLXGet a Quote
AOLX-500-T4-5-C6InfineraUsed1Infinera AOLXGet a Quote
AOLX-500-T4-7-C5InfineraUsed1Infinera AOLXGet a Quote
AOLX-500-T4-7-C6InfineraUsed1Infinera AOLXGet a Quote
AOLX2-500-T4-1-C8InfineraUsed1AOLX2, OCG1 T4 Type 8 500GGet a Quote
ATC-AInfineraUsed2ATC-A Chassis OnlyGet a Quote
AXLM-T4-5-C4InfineraUsed1AXLM, OCG5, Tune4, Type 4 WOTRBSZLABGet a Quote
BMM-4-C3-MS-BInfineraUsed2BMM-4-C3-MS-BGet a Quote
BMM-8-CXH1InfineraUsed1BMM-8-CXH1Get a Quote
BMM-8-CXH2-MSInfineraUsed1BMM-8-CXH2-MSGet a Quote
BMM1H-4-CX2InfineraUsed1BMM1H-4-CX2Get a Quote
BMM2-8-CEH3InfineraUsed2BMM2-8-CEH3Get a Quote
BMM2-8-CH3-MSInfineraUsed1BMM2-8-CH3-MSGet a Quote
BMM2P-8-CEH1InfineraUsed4BMM2P-8-CEH1Get a Quote
BMM2P-8-CEH1-CInfineraUsed1BMM2P-8-CEH1-CGet a Quote
BMM2P-8-CH1-MSInfineraUsed1BMM2P-8-CH1-MSGet a Quote
CMM1D-20-CRInfineraUsed2CMM1D-20-CRGet a Quote
CMM1D-A-20-C6InfineraUsed1CMM1D-A-20-C6Get a Quote
CX-40E-500S-1C2InfineraUsed1Infinera Cloudxpress Router, w/ fans, 2x AC PSU and XMMGet a Quote
CX-40E-500S-3C2InfineraUsed1Infinera Cloudxpress Router, w/ fans, 2x AC PSU and XMMGet a Quote
D-PEM-AInfineraUsed4D-PEM-AGet a Quote
DLM-5-C1-AInfineraUsed1DLM-5-C1Get a Quote
DLM-7-C1InfineraUsed1DLM-7-C1Get a Quote
DSE-1InfineraUsed1DSE-1Get a Quote
DTC-ANSI-BInfineraUsed1DTC-ANSI-BGet a Quote
DTC-ETSI-BInfineraUsed1DTC-ETSI-BGet a Quote
FMM-F250-19-ECInfineraUsed1Infinera FMM for MTCGet a Quote
FSM-CDC-8D-12-ECInfineraUsed2ILS FSM ModuleGet a Quote
GAM-1InfineraUsed1GAM-1Get a Quote
GAM-2InfineraUsed2GAM-2Get a Quote
IAM-B-ECXH2InfineraUsed1Infinera IAM ECXH2Get a Quote
MCM-BInfineraUsed5MCM-BGet a Quote
MTC-6InfineraUsed16 Slot MTC Chassis (Chassis Only)Get a Quote
MTC-6-PEMInfineraUsed2Infinera MTC-6 Power Entry ModuleGet a Quote
MTC-9-IOPInfineraUsed1MTC-9-IOPGet a Quote
MTC-9-PEMInfineraUsed4MTC-9 DC PEMGet a Quote
MTC-ANSIInfineraUsed1MTC-ANSIGet a Quote
O-IAP-AInfineraUsed1O-IAP-AGet a Quote
O-PEM-AInfineraUsed1Infinera PEM for OTCGet a Quote
OAM-CX2-MSInfineraUsed2OAM-CX2-MSGet a Quote
OAM-CXH1-MS-BInfineraUsed1OAM-CXH1-MS-BGet a Quote
OFM-1-OSCInfineraUsed2Infinera ATN OFMGet a Quote
OFM-10-D-M-1827InfineraUsed1OFM-10-D-M-1827Get a Quote
OFM-2-C-A-4755InfineraUsed2OFM-2-C-A-4755Get a Quote
OFM-2-D-AV-3435InfineraF/S2OFM-2-D-AV-3435Get a Quote
OFM-2-D-AV-4849InfineraF/S3OFM-2-D-AV-4849Get a Quote
OFM-2-D-AV-5051InfineraF/S2OFM-2-D-AV-5051Get a Quote
OFM-2-D-AV-5859InfineraUsed1OFM-2-D-AV-5859Get a Quote
OFM-4-D-A-5255InfineraUsed1OFM-4-D-A-5255Get a Quote
OMM-AInfineraUsed2OMM-A for OTC ChassisGet a Quote
OPSW-1InfineraUsed1OPSW-1Get a Quote
ORM-CXH1-LLInfineraUsed1Infinera Low Latency ORMGet a Quote
ORM-CXH1-MSInfineraUsed2ORM-CXH1-MSGet a Quote
OTM-500InfineraUsed4OTM-500Get a Quote
OTM2-500InfineraUsed1OTM2-500 for XTCGet a Quote
OXM-X10InfineraUsed2OXM-X10Get a Quote
PCM-48VDCInfineraUsed4PCM-48VDCGet a Quote
SCM-1InfineraUsed9Submarine Control Module WOCUASNAA 800-0363-001Get a Quote
SIM-A-8-1GEInfineraUsed1SIM-A-8-1GEGet a Quote
SIM-T-1-10GInfineraUsed2SIM-T-1-10GGet a Quote
SIM-T-1-10GTInfineraUsed2SIM-T-1-10GTGet a Quote
SIM-T-2-2.5GMInfineraUsed1SIM-T-2-2.5GMGet a Quote
SLM-80-T1-C5InfineraUsed1WOCUAWYNAA 80G Submarine Line Module C-Band Type 5 DTNGet a Quote
TAM-2-10G-AInfineraUsed7TAM-2-10G-AGet a Quote
TAM-2-10GRInfineraUsed2TAM-2-10GRGet a Quote
TAM-4-1GInfineraUsed2TAM-4-1GGet a Quote
TAM-4-2.5GInfineraUsed7TAM-4-2.5GGet a Quote
TEMInfineraUsed1TEMGet a Quote
TIM-1-100GEInfineraUsed1TIM-1-100GEGet a Quote
TIM-1-100GXInfineraUsed1TIM-1-100GXGet a Quote
TIM-5-10GMInfineraUsed6TIM-5-10GMGet a Quote
TSM-X10InfineraUsed2TSMGet a Quote
X-PS-DCInfineraNOB1X-PS-DCGet a Quote
9234-503AInterphaseUsed1iNav 9234 DC Power, 4x OC-3, 1x GE, 1x FEGet a Quote
9254B-501AInterphaseNOB1iNav 9200 Series, 4 Port OC3/STM-1 ATM to Ethernet Access GatewayGet a Quote
TS30JDSUUsed2JDSU TestPoint TS30, Config VariesGet a Quote
81635AKeysightUsed2Agilent 81635A CardGet a Quote
81640AKeysightUsed1Agilent 81640A TLS Module Opt 071Get a Quote
5X 10/100/1000 BASE TXMetaSwitchUsed4Rear Module, MetaSwitch VP3514Get a Quote
6010DMetaSwitchUsed2MetaSwitch 6010D PlatformGet a Quote
PB4000MetaSwitchUsed14Universal Media CardGet a Quote
PB4500MetaSwitchUsed14Universal Media CardGet a Quote
RCK1000MetaSwitchUsed4Stratum 3, Rear Module, MetaSwitch VP3510Get a Quote
RPS4000MetaSwitchUsed24Rear Module, MetaSwitch VP3510Get a Quote
RPS4010MetaSwitchUsed4Rear Module, MetaSwitch VP3510Get a Quote
RSP4200MetaSwitchUsed2Rear Module, MetaSwitch VP3510Get a Quote
SG1100MetaSwitchUsed2Signaling Gateway CardGet a Quote
SG1200MetaSwitchUsed2Signaling Gateway CardGet a Quote
SP4200MetaSwitchUsed2CPU CardGet a Quote
SW4000MetaSwitchUsed4Switch CardGet a Quote
VP3510MetaSwitchUsed2Metaswitch VP3510 CH3000 w/ Fans and Power SuppliesGet a Quote
540273-001-00MotorolaUsed1Motorola 2x4 RFPM ModuleGet a Quote
GX2-CM100BMotorolaUsed1GX2-CM100 Control ModuleGet a Quote
GX2-CM100B-RMotorolaNOB2GX2-CM100 Control ModuleGet a Quote
GX2-EA1000B6/12/CH21MotorolaNOB23GX2-EA1000 1550nm 6dBm Narrowcast/Broadcast Forward-Path TransmitterGet a Quote
GX2-EA1000B6/12/R2/CH25MotorolaUsed1GX2-EA1000 1550nm 6dBm Narrowcast/Broadcast Forward-Path TransmitterGet a Quote
GX2-EM870M10/11MotorolaUsed4GX2-EM870 Forward Path Broadcast/Narrowcast Forward-Path Tansmitter w/ SBS SupressionGet a Quote
GX2-GS1000C8/12/CH35MotorolaUsed1GX2-EA1000 1550nm 8dBm Narrowcast/Broadcast Forward-Path TransmitterGet a Quote
GX2-GS1000C8/12/CH56MotorolaUsed1GX2-EA1000 1550nm 8dBm Narrowcast/Broadcast Forward-Path TransmitterGet a Quote
GX2-GS1000C8/12/CH57MotorolaUsed1GX2-EA1000 1550nm 8dBm Narrowcast/Broadcast Forward-Path TransmitterGet a Quote
GX2-GS1000C8/12/CH59MotorolaUsed1GX2-EA1000 1550nm 8dBm Narrowcast/Broadcast Forward-Path TransmitterGet a Quote
GX2-HSG000NMotorolaUsed2GX2-HSG Chassis OnlyGet a Quote
GX2-LC1000E12/1331-RMotorolaUsed2GX2-LC1000 E-CWDM Forward Path Narrowcast/Broadcast TransmitterGet a Quote
GX2-LC1000E12/1351-RMotorolaUsed1GX2-LC1000 E-CWDM Forward Path Narrowcast/Broadcast TransmitterGet a Quote
GX2-LC1000E9/1331-RMotorolaUsed1GX2-LC1000 E-CWDM Forward Path Narrowcast/Broadcast TransmitterGet a Quote
GX2-LM1000B14MotorolaUsed4GX2-LM1000 1310NM Forward Path Transmitter, 14 dBmGet a Quote
GX2-LM1000B7MotorolaUsed14GX2-LM1000 1310NM Forward Path Transmitter, 7 dBmGet a Quote
GX2-LM1000B8MotorolaUsed1GX2-LM1000 1310NM Forward Path Transmitter, 8 dBmGet a Quote
GX2-LM1000E10MotorolaUsed1GX2-LM1000 1310NM Forward Path Transmitter, 10 dBmGet a Quote
GX2-LM1000E14MotorolaUsed8GX2-LM1000 1310NM Forward Path Transmitter, 14 dBmGet a Quote
GX2-LM1000E4MotorolaUsed1GX2-LM1000 1310NM Forward Path Transmitter, 4 dBmGet a Quote
GX2-LM1000E6MotorolaUsed2GX2-LM1000 1310NM Forward Path Transmitter, 6 dBmGet a Quote
GX2-OA1000B13MotorolaUsed3GX2-OA1000 Optical Amplifier, 13dBmGet a Quote
GX2-PSDC10D-RMotorolaUsed2GX2 DC Power SupplyGet a Quote
GX2-RX1000BMotorolaUsed31GX2-RX1000 Universal Optical Forward-Path ReceiverGet a Quote
GX2-SDU100BMotorolaUsed3GX2-SDU Shelf Display Unit LCD Module for GX2-HSGGet a Quote
NC1500 Platform 5MotorolaUsed2Motorola NC1500 Platform 5 Network Controller 462954-005-00Get a Quote
NC1500 Platform 6MotorolaUsed1Motorola NC1500 Platform 6 Network ControllerGet a Quote
NTC/2277/XFNewtecUsed1Azimuth AZ110 Satellite Transmitter, with L Band IF OutputGet a Quote
6440OccamUsed1Calix / Occam B6 440 6440 Line CardGet a Quote
100-02648OccamUsed3Occam 6322, BLUE, GPON Line CardGet a Quote
900036-01OccamUsed2B6-001 Fan TrayGet a Quote
RMX4000-20HDPolycomUsed1Polycom RMX4000 CHASSIS w/ FSM4000, 3 AC PSU, 4x RTMs, 20 HD LicenseGet a Quote
RMX4000-3MPM80PolycomUsed1Polycom RMX4000 w/ 3x MPM+80, 60HD/240CIFGet a Quote
SFD550-12BGPower-OneNOB1DC Power SupplyGet a Quote
ATCA-XE80RadisysUsed2Radisys Dual Socket Intel Card No RAM or CPUGet a Quote
300-0005-01R / 300-0017-01RRGB NetworksUsed24RGB PROC Module for BNPXrGet a Quote
300-0014-01R / 300-0014-02R (GBP2)RGB NetworksUsed12RGB GBP2 Board for BNP2Xr/USM100/DBMGet a Quote
300-0023-01RRGB NetworksUsed2RGB STP2 Board for USM100 Edge QAMGet a Quote
BNPXrRGB NetworksUsed8RGB BNPXr Configured To OrderGet a Quote
BNPXr-15DPI-2PROC2RGB NetworksUsed1BNPXr 15 Grooming w/ DPI License, 2 PROC, Specify AC or DC PowerGet a Quote
BNPxr-16-ACRGB NetworksUsed1RGB BNPXr AC, 2 PROC cards w/ 640Mbps (16*40) grooming licenseGet a Quote
BNPXr-16DPI-2PROC2RGB NetworksUsed1BNPXr 16 Grooming w/ DPI License, 1 PROC, Specify AC or DC PowerGet a Quote
BNPxr-17DPI-2PROC2RGB NetworksUsed1BNPXr 17 Grooming w/ DPI License, 2 PROC, Specify AC or DC PowerGet a Quote
BNPXR-27-ACRGB NetworksUsed1RGB BNPXr, 3 PROC, GBP, AC P/S, 27 Grooming+DPI LicenseGet a Quote
BNPXr-32DPI-3PROC2RGB NetworksUsed2RGB BNPXr, 32x40Mbps DPI/Grooming License, 3 PROC, Specify AC or DC PowerGet a Quote
DBM-12RGB NetworksUsed1RGB DBM Dynamic Bandwidth Manager Stat Mux for VOD, 12 Mux LicensesGet a Quote
MMC-4-ACRGB NetworksUsed1RGB MMC ASI to GigE, AC PSU, 24 ASI Ports (Comp. to AGB240)Get a Quote
SBP-ASI-6RGB NetworksUsed22Spare ASI/ASI2 Card for RGB BNP3Xr,BNP2Xr,BNPXr, or MMCGet a Quote
SEP-RF (300-0003)RGB NetworksUsed3RGB RF Output Card, 16Ch for SEP48Get a Quote
SEP48-40-ACRGB NetworksUsed1RGB SEP48 w/ 3 RF Cards, 48 channel, Specify AC or DC power.Get a Quote
SEP48-40-DCRGB NetworksUsed1RGB SEP48 w/ 3 RF Cards, 48 channel, Specify AC or DC power.Get a Quote
VMG-14RGB NetworksUsed4RGB VMG-14 ChassisGet a Quote
VMG-6RGB NetworksUsed2RGB VMG-6 ChassisGet a Quote
VMG-8RGB NetworksUsed2RGB VMG-8 ChassisGet a Quote
VMG-AMPRGB NetworksUsed6RGB AMP Audio Processing Module for VMGGet a Quote
VMG-ASMRGB NetworksUsed1RGB ASM ASI IO Card for VMGGet a Quote
VMG-NPMRGB NetworksUsed34RGB NPM Processing Module for VMG Get a Quote
VMG-NPM2RGB NetworksUsed3RGB NPM2 Network Processing Module 2 for VMG, req for TCM2/2+Get a Quote
VMG-TCM2+RGB NetworksUsed45RGB VMG TCM2+ Transcoding Card for VMG-14 or VMG-8Get a Quote
VMG-VPMRGB NetworksUsed35RGB VPM Video Processing Module for VMGGet a Quote
VMG14-DC-144SDH.264RGB NetworksUsed1RGB / Imagine Communcations Selenio VMG, 4 TCM, 2 NPM, 2 AMP, 144 SD H.264 Transcode LicensesGet a Quote
VMG14+AC-400S2-4T32N2RGB NetworksUsed2RGB Networks VMG14+ AC Power, 400 SD MPEG2 Transcode, 4x TCM2+, 2x NPM2Get a Quote
TC1000 (990-93108-01)SymmetricomUsed3Symmetricom TC1000 DTI Server, GPS, 2x 12-Port IOCs, IMC, Dual DC Power, v1.02.04Get a Quote
81.71L-HDTG-R5TellabsUsed37100 High Density Transponder CardGet a Quote
81.X111GSR1131STellabsUsed121310nm XFP ModuleGet a Quote
F/S = Factory Sealed      NOB = New Open Box      Used = Used, Tested, Fully Functional      ASIS = No Warranty
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